The story of our church here in Threemilestone really began a mile down the road at Greenbottom. A Methodist church had stood there since 1873 but by the mid 1960s the attendance figures were decreasing. The congregation had the vision that the existing church be closed and another built in the village of Threemilestone where the population was expanding rapidly, so after years of planning and preparation, work began on the new church in 1973.

The foundation stone was laid on October 20th 1973 by Alderman J.M. Scoble and the Opening Ceremony and Service of Dedication took place on Thursday 2nd May 1974. Attending and participating at the opening were The Rev. A. John Lawton B.D. (Minister), The Rev. Peter Bolt B.D. (Superintendant of the Truro Circuit), The Rev.A. Bernard Franklin (former Minister of the Greenbottom section of the Truro Circuit and now present Chairman of the District), and The Rev. J. Russell-Pope (President-elect of the Methodist Conference).

Numbers attending the church increased during the first ten years and included a very large Sunday School. The space available became limited for the numbers of children – we had several classes meeting in the hall, two classes meeting in the kitchen and two moving out of the premises to the Community Centre next door for their lessons! So plans were made for an extension to the building at the side and the rear which comprised three new rooms, two of which had dividing screens so that five extra groups could meet. The building took four months to complete at a cost of £20,000 much of which was raised by the congregation.

The Opening Ceremony and Service of Dedication and Thanksgiving for this extension took place on March 3rd 1984. Present and taking part were Rev J. Michael Taylor B.D., B.A (Minister), Rev. Clifford Johnson B.A (Superintendant Minister), Rev. R.O. Dunstone (Guest and Former Minister), and the Opener – Rev. Ian Haile B.Met. (Chairman of the Cornwall District of the Methodist Church)